New face? Some things about me, for you.

About me

Hi! I’m Kira. I like to write and create all sorts of content.

I also wear many hats, as does a languages teacher / lecturer: I’m a a project manager, an event planner, a comedian and entertainer, a referee (I did think of bringing a whistle to stop fights, then got much better at preventing them), a mental health coach, and, my favorite… a content creator. Creating lessons in all shapes and sizes enabled me to master a new range of computer skills.

That’s me ! I had the chance to help organize and officiate my friends’ wedding. If you look closely, you can see my speech reflected in my sunglasses ! I was re-reading it, just before the ceremony… I was so anxious.

When I am not manipulating strongly encouraging your children / young adults into working and doing their best, I read and write, take pictures, edit them on Photoshop, create games, play RPG video games (Kingdom Hearts is my all time favorite), edit videos, play piano and organize activities… anything to have them learn efficiently while having some sort of fun! Sometimes.

I strive to also enjoy my own life in the best way I can: I travel a lot more than I should to see what the world has to offer.

I also love Pokemon, so much, even though it does promote some sort of really weird dystopia when you think about it.

This blog: why and how?

Writing was the key to my healing from something that should never have happened. My job, my friends, my family, my colleagues, playing RPGs, reading, and now writing, helped me to keep sane during this tough time. Meaningful relationships are the only thing I will never let anything take away from me.

I’ve recently come to a conclusion that I don’t mind struggling with my own issues at times, because it makes me a person people can talk to without fearing judgment, and this enabled me to help some students and friends who were struggling as well. Everyone has their own baggage and can help everyone else thrive.

So, this blog is another way for me to help people who lost their way, who lost sight of the beauty in this world.

I’ll keep sharing my creative bursts with you and take on new challenges! Now, you have multiple options:

People talk about me !

Also, this guy describes me much better than I probably ever will, so go check this insanely good featuring article and enjoy the rest of his eloquent writing.

It. Simply. Flows. It’s amazing.


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