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Existential crisis

Ah, the good old existential crisis which opens your brain in half, then proceeds to force you to analyze everything inside it, leaving you to think for hours on end. Preferably in bed, but your commute could also be an excellent time for the thoughts to creep in. Maybe these will ring a bell. "What's… Continue reading Existential crisis

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Wishing for it, for Mercurial Stories

Featured image source : Hello everyone ! Here I am, proud to present you the beginning of the end of my writing block (does it makes sense to you? Because it does to me.), being published on Mercurial Stories! The prompt was related to a famous English rhyme : Sticks and stones, may break my… Continue reading Wishing for it, for Mercurial Stories

Mental Health

Dealing with uncertainty and finding a new purpose

Recently I've been in a position where everything is uncertain. I don't know what my next year is going to be like: I don't really know where I'll live, if we will finally manage a life together with the mister, if I'll stay in my current job or move on to something else, if I'll… Continue reading Dealing with uncertainty and finding a new purpose

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My history of Mental Health apps

We're all mad here... Once upon a time, (not so long ago, I promise) my friends called me the "app master" because I had tried a lot of mental health and organization apps to help with my bouts of anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. So much so that every time they asked for help, I… Continue reading My history of Mental Health apps

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Awakening, for Mercurial Stories

Hi there! Another flash fiction from yours truly was published on Mercurial Stories. This time, the prompt was "Dawn", and we're following Astra's awakening, who lives in Twilight Town, a city where time stands still... Enjoy! You'll be directed directly to my story this time, there's been some nice changes to the website. And… Continue reading Awakening, for Mercurial Stories

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Pushcart prize – I’m nominated !

Hi everyone ! MY THREE TEXTS ARE NOMINATED! 🎉🎉🎉 Thank you so much for your help! There's still more to do, but we're close to the end ! Now, there is a vote for the top 6 texts to be printed and shipped off to the Pushcart Prize! You have until 17th November to make me… Continue reading Pushcart prize – I’m nominated !

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Mercurial Stories Pushcart Prize

Hey there! New type of post, I'd like to ask for a little bit of help ! Mercurial Stories is holding a nomination for the Pushcart Prize. If you liked any of the flash fiction I had the opportunity to get published there... vote for the text you like the most here! (Or copy the… Continue reading Mercurial Stories Pushcart Prize

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How traveling to Japan helped me heal from anxiety and depression

Last July, I took a trip to Japan. Going there had been one of my dreams for a very long time, since I learned the language at university. Some of my best friends are taking a honeymoon trip there, so I thought I could share this. Most of you know this by now, after a… Continue reading How traveling to Japan helped me heal from anxiety and depression